Sofia Fitzpatrick's hand crafted Silver Skull Jewellery range for men and women is a breath of fresh air in a market over-saturated with machine made duplicates.

Sofia Fitzpatrick is an Australian artist who has revived the lost art of wax carving to create bold bespoke jewellery for men and women. Raw and handmade, each piece bears the imperfections, cuts and nicks of its custom creation to stand apart as unique wearable art. Her pieces are solid silver, as opposed to hollowed out, and this gives them a fantastic sense of weight and substance. 

Sofia has built a loyal clientele and an international following.

Sofia is featured in 'Rock Star Chic' and 'Skull Style'

Skull Style features work from over 100 of the most influential artist and designers of today such as Ron English, Damien Hirst, Philippe Pasqua, Sante D'Orazio, Angelo Filomeno, Jan Fabre, Kate MacDowell, Agus Sawage, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Kendell Geers, Mauro Perucchetti, Typoe, Sofia Fitzpatrick and many others. Rock Star Chic features over 300 of the most cutting edge designers, photographers and stylists.

Make no mistake, this unique range of silver skull jewellery by Sofia Fitzpatrick is meant to impress!